Fabric Painting with Sumi Ink

Turn Sumi ink into fabric paint by adding a fabric medium!

This video shows the process of transforming white fabric into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind design.

The bold hand-painted fabric is washable and can be used in clothing, home decor, and crafts!

Keep scrolling down for supplies list, links to shop materials, and instructions.


    You will need:


    1. Wash, dry, and iron the fabric.
    2. Cut a piece of adhesive Contact paper the size of the area you will be painting, and apply it to the back of the fabric to create a barrier, and smooth out the fabric.
    3. Pour the Sumi ink in a dish, and add several drops of the GAC 900.
    4. Paint directly onto the fabric with the Sumi ink, and let dry.
    5. Mix the gold acrylic paint with the GAC900 until the consistency is thin enough for painting.
    6. Make brush strokes over the dried Sumi ink, and let dry.
    7. Heat set with an iron using parchment paper to protect the iron.
    8. Enjoy your new creation!
    July 28, 2021 — Yasutomo American KUSA Corporation