Yasutomo hosts biweekly Facebook Livestreams with artist Karen Elaine to teach and inspire you with creative ideas for you to try at home.
Here are the product collections Karen recommends for each livestream.


Folded Books and Tato Boxes

Personalizing Origami Papers

Mixed Media Cards with Spellbinders BetterPress and Die Cutting Machine

Folded Envelopes and Pockets for Art Journaling Collaging on Shikishi Boards

Mixed Media with Washi Paper

Drawing with the Silverpoint & Mineral Paper Kit


Painted Papers Project Ideas

Painting with Yasutomo's Gansai & Shikishi Kit

Layered Watercolor Doodles with the Niji Watercolor Essentials Kit

The Art of Orizome

Holiday Washi Paper Crafts

a picture of gel printed washi paper with abstract leaf designs, a picture of washi paper stamped with rectangular blocks in bright colors, and a picture of a neutral colored gel printed paper

Yasutomo 2023 Gift Guide

photos of two sumi sets, an origami pack, gel pen set, watercolor pencil box, two watercolor tins and assorted artwork against a sparkly background

Watercolor Leaves with Karen Elaine

three square pictures of watercolor leaves

Mindful Mark Making

three square pictures of abstract ink painting designs on washi paper

Mixed Media with Sumi Inks and Niji Artist Crayons

three pictures of mixed media ink and crayon art pieces: leaf drawings, origami paper and printed paper with letters design

World of Gansai: Colorful Japanese Watercolors

three gansai painting pictures: colorful flowers, white flowers against a blue background, and a bamboo painting

Paint Sumi Bamboo

three pictures of sumi artwork: gold and silver bamboo, golden black bamboo, and black and white bamboo paintings

Origami Inspired Greeting Cards

cover picture of greeting cards with origami embellishments including a party dress, pinwheel and purple iris flower

Washi Paper Magic

mirrored image of washi paper strips decorated with blue, white, green and black abstract designs

Watercolor on Washi

three pictures of colorful watercolor flowers on washi paper

Playing with Watercolors on Mineral Paper

three pictures of watercolor leaves, ocean waves, and flowers on mineral paper

How to Swatch Watercolors

pictures of watercolor swatches and the Niji Artist Watercolor 12 color set

Ocean-Themed Watercolors

two watercolor paintings of water

Paper Crafting with Origami

picture of a greeting card with origami square pillows on the cover and a picture of a box covered in blue yuzen patterns origami paper

Whimsical Florals and Watercolor Postcards

picture of whimsical watercolor flowers arranged to come out of a paper pot

Mother's Day Origami Bouquet

three red origami tulips lying on a table with a stack of green and red origami paper in the background

Shimmer and Shine: Using Metallic and Pearlescent Mediums

picture of abstract green and purple watercolor flora on mineral paper and gesso prepared paper with silverpoint accents, and a picture of sumi flowers with metallic gold and silver accents on a shikishi board surrounded by ink bottles, a paintbrush and a porcelain palette filled with ink

Shikishi Board Art: Etegami, Collage & Beyond!

picture of a hand holding a shikishi board decorated with origami pansies coming out of an origami pot, and a picture of a black square shikishi board with a mini collage and the word "Harmony" hand lettered across the top

Relaxing Watercolor Doodles Session

picture of abstract watercolor doodles on two artist trading cards and a cut out circle with a paint filled palette and paint brush in the background and another picture of watercolor artist trading cards with positive notes written on them: "You got this," "Happiness is a journey, not a destination," and "If you think you can, you can"

Affirmation Circles and Origami Tato Envelopes

Picture of cut out watercolor circles with uplifting words and phrases written on them and a picture of origami tato envelope partially open with watercolor affirmation circles inside

Artist Trading Cards with Karen Elaine

picture of two artist trading cards with collage and another picture of a jar of nori paste next to a collage with leaf designs

*All About Washi" Unboxing Yasutomo Papers with Willa Wanders

pictures of assorted printed washi papers and a head shot of artist Wendy Solganik

Unboxing Yasutomo Products with Willa Wanders

assorted Yasutomo products against a purplish background with a headshot of artist Wendy Solganik

New Year's Resolutions Cards

picture of watercolor lines with new year's resolutions hand lettered on the lines and photos of a watercolor palette, black pens, a watercolor paper pad and a waterbrush to the side

Paper Crafting for the Holidays

picture of an origami gnome next to a stack of origami papers and a picture of a holiday card with a collaged gnome and a stack of gel printed papers in the background

Fold the Holidays! Autumn Wreath and Paper Crafts

fall colored paper leaf wreaths

Creativity To Go with Yasutomo

pictures of pen drawn leaf doodles on top of watercolor squares with watercolor paper pads, watercolor pencils and waterbrushes around

Origami Cat Rings and Candy Dishes

origami papers fanned out and an assortment of origami cat dishes

Fun with Watercolor!

watercolor paintings of a whimsical orange cat, brightly colored abstract leaves, abstract doodles, and blue wavy gel printed lines