Watercolor Affirmation Circles and Origami Tato Envelopes
Make easy watercolor affirmation circles and origami Tato envelopes to keep your cut outs organized in one beautiful place!

In this demo, Yasutomo Creative Consultant Karen Elaine teaches how to make uplifting affirmations circles that will keep you grounded and grateful throughout the day. Hold on to these for yourself give these to a friend as a gentle reminder ❤️

Items Used

For a shoppable list of items Karen recommends, visit our Watercolor Affirmation Circles and Origami Tato Envelopes collection HERE.

Inspired to create some artwork of your own?

Here are the Yasutomo products shown in this video (roughly in order of appearance):

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March 16, 2023 — Yasutomo American KUSA Corporation