Multi Media Mineral Paper Pad, 240 gsm, 20 sheets 11” x 14” (JMP400G)



NEW! By popular demand, Mineral Paper now comes in a heavier weight!

160 lb/240 gsm Mineral Paper is more durable than previous versions and holds up better to various art techniques, including alcohol ink painting, silverpoint drawing, mixed media and more. 11” x 14” pads include 20 sheets.

Mineral paper is made from 80% calcium carbonate which provides a unique surface for water based or dry media. A great alternative to wood-based paper. Tear resistant, foldable, and non-wrinkling. Will not bleed through even when soaked. Mineral paper is a great surface for almost any media wet or dry, and can be ink jet printed (results will vary depending on the printer). Its bright white vellum like surface allows for crisp lines, saturated colors and just the right amount of absorbency for a wide variety of creative techniques. Acid free. Bright white. Not recommended for oil-based paints or oil pastels. 20 sheets per pad. 160 lb/240 gsm.

Paper weight: 160 lb/240 gsm

Paper dimensions: 11" x 14"

Sheet count: 20 sheets/pad

Check out our videos on Mineral Paper HERE.


Q: How do I mat and frame a watercolor painting on mineral paper?

A: Frame the Mineral Paper artwork the same way as a watercolor done on cotton paper. The artwork should be sandwiched behind an acid free mat, the backing and the glass.The mineral paper artwork can be taped along top of the artwork on the back of the mat so it hangs freely. Do not tape all the way around the artwork. Hinging it allows for expansion and moisture changes.

Q: How do I adhere mineral paper to cradle board?

A: For adhering the paper to a hard surface such as a cradle board, we recommend Lineco PVA glue.

Q: What kind of spray sealant can I use on mineral paper?

A: Our first recommendation for protecting your artwork is framing it behind glass in between an acid free mat. Our second recommendation is to seal it with an acrylic spray sealer such as the Krylon gallery series. We advise testing the acrylic spray on a sample piece with your application before sealing your finished piece.