Shikishi Board 5″ x 7″ 3 pack - Hosho, Gasen, Torinoko (HY300)


Shikishi boards are made from washi papers mounted to a hard board backing edged with gold foil. Traditionally used for sumi-e, watercolor and haiku painting. Can also be used as a substrate for multimedia projects.

Includes one each Hosho, Gasen, and Torinoko boards.

Hosho has a smooth white absorbent surface. Gasen has a textured white absorbent surface. Torinoko has a smooth yellow surface that is absorbent, allowing for more precise line work and watercolor washes.

Size: 5″ x 7″


Hosho (smooth white): Not acid-free

Gasen (textured white): Not acid-free

Torinoko (smooth yellow): Acid-free