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Sumi ink is a staple of traditional Asian art, but it has more recently been embraced as a favorite ink choice for cartoonists, comic artists, line work, and more.


We proudly offer authentic Japanese and Chinese watercolors that provide a delightful painting experience for all watercolor styles.

Looking for something less traditional? Our Western-style watercolor palettes are a great option (not available on our online store; please check your favorite art supply store).


Boasting over 70 different origami items in our catalog, this is one of the products we are best known for. Origami paper is great for traditional folding, collage, decoupage, card-making, and more. Your only limitation is your imagination.


Sumi-e brushes have an impressive water-bearing capacity and are preferred by many artists for the ability to perform multiple functions with a single brush. Try our Asian brushes for calligraphy, ink wash painting, watercolor, and more.

We also offer waterbrushes (great for plein air!) and Silverado Taklon fiber brushes.


We carry high quality Asian art papers, including Gasen, Kozo and Torinoko, as well as a limited assortment of small Shikishi boards. We also proudly offer Mineral Paper, an 80% calcium carbonate substrate "made from rocks, not trees!"


Looking for something else? We also sell Nori Paste, writing instruments, paint palettes, and more. Browse our site to discover new supplies that are just right for you.

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Sumi Ink and Watercolor Silhouette Painting

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