Niji Waterbrush Set - Small, Medium, Large (KWBSET)


Preferred for its unparalleled flow control, this combination brush and water container is a versatile tool for artists and crafters. A secure cap protects the nylon brush head for easy transport and the handle also serves as a reservoir. Holds 7 ml of water. Use for watercoloring, Sumi-e, rubber stamping, silk painting, bleaching, face painting, coloring book, and more. Also very handy for sealing envelopes or moistening stamps.  

The 3 piece set includes one each small, medium and large brush.

Small (KWB09) brush size: 3/32" x 3/8"

Medium (KWB12) brush size: 5/32" x 7/16"

Large (KWB15) brush size: 7/32" x 5/8"

The “Original” Waterbrush® 

Waterbrushes started appearing in Japan in the 1990s when artists emptied the ink of regular brush pens and filled them with water. Brush pen makers soon began to reproduce these designs with translucent barrels and no ink, calling them mizu-fude, which translates to “water-brushes”. Soon after they gained popularity in Japan, Yasutomo introduced the waterbrush to the U.S. market.


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