Artist Trading Card Swap! June 2023

*ATC swap is now closed.* Stay tuned for news of the next one!


We are so excited to host an Artist Trading Card Swap!

In this swap, you can create your very own Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), mail them in to us at Yasutomo, and get a surprise set of ATC cards made by other Yasutomo community members in return!

How to participate:

  • Create anywhere from 1 - 20 Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)
    • Standard ATC size is 2.5" x 3.5"
    • For information on how to make ATCs, see the video linked at the bottom of this post
  • Adhere an ATC card backing to the back of each card and add your information
    • If you list any Yasutomo products used in making the card:
      • You will be giving us permission to repost your artwork (if you would like to opt out of having your artwork shared online, please include a note stating this in your submission)
      • You will be entered into a drawing for a prize of assorted Yasutomo products. One winner will be selected and announced after June 1, 2023.
    • However, you do not have to use Yasutomo products to make your cards and participate in the ATC swap.
    • Download our printable ATC backings here
  • Mail your cards to the Yasutomo office:
    ATTN: Phoebe Lee
    3740 Skypark Drive
    Torrance, CA 90505
    • ***Important*** Make sure to put sufficient postage on your envelope for the weight of your cards.
    • ***Important*** Include a self-addressed envelope with the same amount of postage as your outer envelope. This is what we will use to send you back new ATCs. (If you can include an extra stamp, you may be able to receive heavier ATCs back that were made with more materials.)
    • You will get the same number of cards back that you submit.
  • ***International participants*** Your return envelope must have sufficient U.S. postage to be mailed back to you. We will not be able to send you anything with non-U.S. postage. In order to participate, you may purchase an ATC Swap International Return Envelope from our online shop. Simply mail your ATC cards to Yasutomo and we will package and mail your swapped cards to you. See this page for details and to purchase your ATC Swap International Return Envelope.

Artist Trading Cards must be RECEIVED AT YASUTOMO BY JUNE 1, 2023 to be included in the ATC swap.

For inspiration on how to make Artist Trading Cards, check out our demo with artist and Yasutomo Creative Consultant Karen Elaine:

If you want to get even more involved in Artist Trading Card swaps, check out these Facebook Groups:

Questions about our ATC swap? Feel free to email us for support:

Happy creating!

March 24, 2023 — Yasutomo American KUSA Corporation


Jayne Heetderks

Jayne Heetderks said:

my local Post office has returned 2 of my letters, which were within weight and thickness limits. Said they were too stiff and uneven, so would not want them in the automated system. They did not have any gems or plastics, just several layers of glue. So hopefully your PO will be generous and they will be no problem when you mail them. Meanwhile i will put on 40c extra postage and mark please hand cancel.


Yasutomo said:

We couldn’t agree with you more, Randall! So excited to see what everyone creates! 😊


Randall said:

I think this ATC trading event will be great fun! Can’t wait to see everyone else’s creations!!! ❤️


Yasutomo said:

Hi Andrea! Thanks for reaching out to us. We believe this issue has been resolved now. Feel free to email us for any further support at Thank you!

Andrea Miller

Andrea Miller said:

How can I find the Shopify receipt for 5 brushes that were purchased on March 31st during Karen Elaines doodle demo on Facebook. The cost is 31.01. The delivery address is 738 12th St. Oakmont, PA 15139.
I also ordered a watercolor set which was paid for using PayPal. That order is on the way.

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