Drawings and doodles are made with a white oil pastel or wax crayon on white paper, then watercolor is added for an artistic painting which can be a great looking greeting card. The oil pastel drawing will resist the watercolor so the paper stays white underneath. The pearlescent watercolors make the painting shimmer and bring out subtle highlights for a dazzling effect. This project is great for ages 7 and up.



1. Draw onto the white paper using the white oil pastel or crayon. Simple designs and doodles will give you the best effect.

2. Paint freely with the watercolors over the entire surface of the paper. Using a wet brush loaded with color, drop bright colors into the spaces between the drawing. See how the oil pastel or clear crayon resists the watercolors.

3. Add the pearlescent watercolors after the first layer of color is dry. You can even add black ink for a more dramatic effect.

4. Let the painting dry thoroughly and insert into a photo frame card to display.


  • Have one person draw on the watercolor paper, and another can paint over the secret drawing to reveal the surprise image.
  • Paint several layers from light to dark and draw with oil pastel or crayon between each layer.
  • Mount the finished painting onto a greeting card or insert into a mat or picture frame.
May 13, 2020 — Yasutomo American KUSA Corporation



Yasutomo said:

Hi Asima! You can find our Niji Artist Blender Crayons from various art supplies retailers, or simply shop from this site by looking up item number NACBL. Thank you for your interest!

Asima Frances X. SaadMaura

Asima Frances X. SaadMaura said:

Where can I find a package of the resist clear crayons?
Thank you!


Yasutomo said:

Hi Dianne! Unfortunately it does not come in black. It’s something we’ve looked into, but with the way mineral paper is created the technology isn’t yet there to offer black mineral paper. We’ll be sure to announce it if it does become available!

Dianne Stuckey

Dianne Stuckey said:

Does your mineral paper come in black?

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