DIY Baby Name Room Decoration
You will need:


  1. Paint letters with acrylic color paint using Silverado brush
  2. Cut the sheets of origami paper to size to fit the letters, giving enough space to wrap around the edges and corners of the letters.
  3. Use Nori Paste to paste the origami sheets to the MDF letters.
    Pro tips:
    - You can use your fingers to scoop out the paste and spread it on the letters, and you can water it down to get a wetter consistency if needed!
    - Nori Paste dries slowly, so you can take your time to reposition and smooth out the paper to get the result you want. 
    - Nori Paste can also be reconstituted with water, so you can simply wet to move the paper again if you don't like how it has dried.
  4. Let the Nori Paste dry.
  5. Give your project a protective finish with a water-based finishing spray.


Display your work somewhere everyone can enjoy it!

June 16, 2020 — Yasutomo American KUSA Corporation