Mixed Media with Niji Artist Crayons & Sumi Ink
Try mixing it up with crayons and sumi inks to create layered mixed media pieces! In this livestream recording artist Karen Elaine covers crayon rubbings, watercolor resist, sgraffito, ink color mixing, painting on washi, and creating your own custom chop (signature Hanko stamp).

origami crane made of custom origami paper with crayon scribbles resting on top of three sheets of custom origami papers with crayon designs

origami cat made out of custom origami paper with custom origami paper sheets, crayons, and a sumi ink bottle in the background

sgraffito drawing of leaves with five crayons to the side

sgraffito leaves drawing and gansai ink painting

This video was originally livestreamed on the Yasutomo Facebook page on Friday, 10/13/23.

Items Used

For an easy, shoppable overview of the items used in this demo, visit our Mixed Media with Niji Artist Crayons & Sumi Ink collection HERE.

Listed roughly in order of appearance in the video:

For Sgraffito (scratch art)
  • Waterproof drawing ink (Karen is using the Higgins brand India Ink)
  • Palette knife for scratching
  • Judikins MicroGlaze wax (to seal and finish the piece)
Ink painting
For the Chop (hand carved signature stamp)
  • Japanese rubber block for hand carving stamp (Karen got hers on Amazon) or a vinyl eraser
  • Pencil and paper (to draw your design)
  • X-acto knife (to carve your design out of the block)
  • Ranger carnation red ink stamp pad


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October 16, 2023 — Yasutomo American KUSA Corporation