Mindful Mark Making
Find your calm with mindful mark making.

Sumi ink, Japanese brushes and washi (rice paper) are excellent tools for meditative mark making.

In this livestream, artist Karen Elaine leads a relaxing creative session on mark making with sumi ink.

This is perfect way to close out #inktober 2023!

spread of papers with abstract black ink circles with designs and a bottle of ink in the background

leaf-like gold ink marks on paper with a flower-shaped porcelain dish and brush in the background

This video was originally livestreamed on the Yasutomo Facebook page on Friday, 10/27/23.

Items Used

For an easy, shoppable overview of the items used in this demo, visit our Mindful Mark Making collection HERE.

Listed roughly in order of appearance in the video:

Metallic black inks


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October 31, 2023 — Yasutomo American KUSA Corporation