In Japan, the crane is a mystical creature and is believed to live for a thousand yeas. As a result, in the Japanese culture, the crane represents good fortune and longevity. The Japanese refer to the crane as the "bird of happiness."
The wings of the crane were believed to carry souls up to paradise. Mothers who pray for the protection of the crane's wings for their children will recite the prayer:
"Of flock of heavenly cranes cover my child with your wings "
Personally, we love cranes so what better decoration than having a mobile in your little one's room, or even anywhere in your home or office. Let's do this!

You will need:


2. Mark 4 lines in your frame and make a small cut.

3. If you want, you can give a protective semi-gloss finish to your origami birds. This will make your origami creations longer lasting and easier to clean. (We recommend a water-based finish like Polyacrylic Minwax). Here's how it looks!

4. Using the needle and thread, unite the cranes from middle and space them apart by whatever distance you wish. Be sure to make a knot to hold each crane in the place you want it to stay.


5. Make 4 lines with 3 cranes each. 

At the end, knot them on the wooden frame cuts you made, leaving around 5 inches of thread, so when you finish the 4 lines you can make a knot to hold them together and hang in a nice place!


6. You are done!!!

Display your newest decoration somewhere you can appreciate it every day!

Have you tried this project? What would you like to see us make next? Let us know in the comments!

Yasutomo American KUSA Corporation


Thanks Karen! It’s a great way to add some a little extra flair to any room :)

— Yasutomo

This is a beautiful project!

— Karen

This is a beautiful project!

— Karen